CYEBRMED advertisement promotional video

2023-06-08 17:375,564 Views

Cybermed, founded in 1998, is a hidden champion leading digital technology and is the first in Korea to

develop a human body modeling using medical images and 3D Printing, 3D medical imaging software,

and surgical anvigation system.

Cybermed has acquired KFDA, FDA, and CE marking by developing precise surgical guide systems and

implants as well as diagnosis and treatment planning through medical images based on advanced digital

technology and clinical data accumulated over 20 years.

We are focusing on more accurate and safe treatment through AI-based digital medical technology,

including AI-Deep Learning to help with accurate diagnosis and optimal treatment planning, surgical

guides and prosthetic systems that can be manufactured directly before the procedure in the dental

clinic, and implant design and surface for carious patient conditions.