Plasma Activator for Cybermed CORE Implant


Core Plasma Activator for safer and

successful treatment

  • 3 at a time!

    It can process up to three at a time, making the treatment process simpler and without waiting time.

  • Direct and intuitive processing display.

    The plasma treatment process of the implant is represented in an image, allowing for an intuitive understanding of the progress status.

  • 90 seconds treatment as ampoule

    The implant is treated directly with plasma, so there is no risk of cross-infection. In addition, the 90-second treatment time does not burden the treatment speed.

  • Plasma method without worrying about ozone

    Because plasma is used, there is no generation of ozone that can be produced when using UV devices, making it safe and environmentally friendly.

Core plasma activator for safer

and more successful treatment

Hydrophilicity testing of implant surface treatment

An increase in hydrophilicity helps promote proliferation of bone-forming cells and reduces the time required to perform implant prosthetics. The Plasma Activator will become a necessity rather than an option in future implant treatments.

The importance of plasma

  • Anti-aging of dental implants
  • Removes organic substances such as hydrocarbons generated during the manufacturing and distribution process of implants, and returns the surface to the newly generated oxide film (mainly TiO2).
  • 3 times higher bone attachment
  • It shows an increase in bone volume (BV) and bone-to-implant contact (BIC) ratio during the initial 4 weeks, which determines the success of the implant.
  • Implant surface charge modification
  • When plasma is applied, the surface of the implant changes from negative to positive charge. The positively charged surface attracts proteins and cells, which helps with bone formation.
  • Increase in hydrophilicity
  • Plasma treatment increases hydrophilicity, which helps promote the proliferation of bone-forming cells.