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Cybermed Surgical KIT

Intuitive and concise Cybermed REBORN Surgical KIT

  • REBORN Master KIT

    • A self-developed fixture placement kit is available, consisting of drills according to the diameter and length of the fixture.​​

    • Ease of use ensured by choosing appropriate stopper or laser marking for fixture implantation depth.

    • Color coding based on stopper length for improved visibility​

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  • REBORN Sinus KIT​

    • It is possible to perform accurate placement of fixtures with the installation of a guide while lifting and placing the fixture.

    • Curved curette design allows for easy separation and elevation of the membrane​

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  • REBORN Guide KIT​

    • Accurate and convenient self-developed Fixture Placement Guide Kit using proprietary planning software.

    • Concise and intuitive Drilling Sequence with various Offset applications​

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