CORE1 is available as REBORN brand in certain regions.


A proven core implant systems
For Digital implant solution

“ What is an Implant? ”

Implants are the most advanced form of treatment to
replace lost teeth by planting
artificial teeth in the position of lost teeth.
It is a prosthetic treatment method that can almost completely replace teeth
by placing titanium-based implants
(fixture, a screw-like structure that is planted in the gum bone)
on the lost teeth through surgery and creating prosthesis similar to
natural teeth after a certain period of time after surgery.

Target for implant treatment

  • Those who have lost teeth due to various reasons such as periodontal disease, tooth decay or trauma
  • Those who feel aesthetic discomfort due to tooth loss
  • Those who experience discomfort while using dentures
  • Those whose digestive system is weakened due to loss of teeth and unable to chew food properly

Implant procedure

  • Step1 Examination and diagnosis
  • Step2 Implant surgery
  • Step3 Confirmation of osseointegration and abutment
  • Step4 Completion of implant
  • Step5 Maintenance

Precautions after surgery

  • Hemostasis Keep the gauze on for 2 hours after surgery.
    Even if you have a runny nose or nosebleed, wipe your nose without blowing your nose.
  • Disinfection
    / brushing
    Avoid vigorous oral irrigations for 24 hours on the first day after surgery.
    Do not brush the surgical area and brush the rest of the teeth.
  • Swelling Apply ice for 2 days after surgery.
    Repeat 1 minute of ice pack and 1 minute of rest.
  • Medication Please take the medicine as prescribed.
    It serves to prevent inflammation.
    (Please do not take medicine.)
  • Food intake For 5 days after surgery, please eat liquid food (porridge, etc.), and do not eat hot food.
    It may cause surgical failure.
  • ontraindications Do not drink or smoke. (at least for 2-3 weeks)
    Avoid saunas, jjimjilbangs, baths, and sweaty
    exercises for about 2 weeks. (Taking a shower is fine.)

The alpha and omega of digital implants
REBORN Implant System

Implant with strong initial fixation
and good osseointegration​​

  • S.L.A Ideal SLA validated for over 10 years
    (Sandblast Large grit Acid etch)
    Rapid osseointegration induction with
    implant surface treatment technology
  • 6 weeks Prosthesis can be inserted 6 weeks after implant placement
  • Digital Care
    Using CT 3D image data and Cybermed's own
    digital system, a pre-treatment plan is established
    and faster, more accurate, and safer
    treatment is possible through simulated surgery

If you want accurate and safe procedures Cybermed's Digital Care Solution​​

  • 1 Digital diagnostics
  • 2 Digital plan
  • 3 Digital production
  • 4 implant surgery

The implant material uses TI CPA – Hard, which has higher strength than pure titanium alloy.

  • Titanium Gr4-Hard​ (modified Ti G4)​

    · It is biologically safe without causing implant surface corrosion and decomposition.

    · It can withstand the masticatory force in the oral cavity and has a similar modulus of elasticity to the surrounding bone tissue.

    · Sufficient strength and precision machining in ㎛ units are possible.​​​

  • Fig.8 – Curves from tensile tests of cp Ti and Ti G5​​

The implant surface is S.L.A,
realizing the same level as Straumann's

SEM measurements

1~3㎛ uniform micro-pit is realized, and it is on the same level as S company

BIC measurement

  • Top

  • Middle

  • Bottom

As a result of the 12-week tissue test,
the average BIC of 95% or more was confirmed.

EDS measurement

* No other substances of titanium were found on the implant surface.

Surface roughness

Realization of Ra 2.0~2.5㎛ roughness

Cybermed Co., Ltd., which has developed world-class dental software,
is the world's No. 1 company in dental CBCT imaging software,
and has been trusted by many clinical experts and patients with
its technology accumulated
over 20 years. Get surgery with a healthy smile and safe
implants with reliable and differentiated digital implants.​


01Platform Switching

  • Increases soft tissue volume around connection
  • Superior esthetics

02SLA Surface

  • Application of SLA surface with excellent
    bone reaction performance
  • The best morphology and roughness's SLA Surface.

03Internal Taper Connection

  • Rigid connection for prostheiss stability
  • Stress dispersal effect

04Compact Thread

  • Superior primary stability
  • Maximizes bone to thread contact

05Open Thread

  • Minimizes resistance during placement
  • Prevents bone loss

06Sharp Double Thread

  • Powerful self-threading effect to achieve superior placement results
  • Maximizes preservation of existing bone and space for new bone to grow

07Cutting Edge

  • 3-blade cutting edge ensures a self-centering insertion
  • Excellent initial thread engagement for optimal anchorage
    • Smooth Implant Placement.
      High Primary Stability

      • Self Threading Effect
      • Sharp Thread maximizes preservation of the existing bone and secures anchorage
      • Double Thread minimizes implant placement time
    • Plasma Surface Treatment, Clean Implant!

      • Increases hydrophilicity and accelerates synostosis by attracting blood and protein to the area
      • Accelerates patient recovery time, as Plasma doesn't have any known side effects to human immune system.
      • Suppresses bacterias in oral cavity, therefore lengthening implant's lifespan
    • AI Inspection

      • Highly reliable automated self learning QA inspection

Smart Factory of Cybermed

Adding AI Instpection and Robot Packing System to the Implants

Implant Manufacturing process

  • 01 Material Inspection (Grade Inspection)
  • 02 CNC Fabrication (Measurements)
  • 03 Cleaning
  • 04 Implant Surface Treatment
  • 05 Final Cleaning
  • 06 QA (AI)
  • 07 Second Inspection (SEM, Conductivity, Illuminance)
  • 08 Plasma Cleaning
  • 09 Ampoule Assemply and Automated Packing
  • 10 Gamma Sterilization
  • 11 Shipment Inspection
  • 12 REBORN Fixture
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