Why Surgical Replica?

Why Surgical Replica™?

There are dimensional and visual restrictions when planning a surgery using 2D or 3D images and to overcome these difficulties, a replica of the desired organ can be fabricated through CT or MRI scans. The replica then allows the surgeons to see the actual organ in real-size for shorter and much more precise treatment planning.

Why choose Cybermed's Surgical Replica™?


Speedy service

We have the fastest RP model fabrication worldwide
using Z CORP & OBJET printing machines.


Highly accurate

Our RP model is identical to the actual size and shape of the organ.
+-0.3% mean error [Accepted by IJOMS]


Extensive Know-how

We use in-house software and our long history of experience
and knowledge for our RP services


Advanced technology

We constantly research and develop our technology as well as acquire
new skills through consulting with professionals in the medical field.