In2Guide Case Reports : Report by Dr.August De Oliveira

This report was made by August de Oliveira DDS.
Dr. Oliveira is a general dentist in Encino, California. and the surgery was conducted on July 8th, 2010.

Hey Guys,

So I am still plugging away with Implant Directs system. But in the mean time I wanted to try a few other systems that are Zimmer (and thus Implant Direct's Legacy) compatible. I came across In2guide. It has a slick interface and a very nice kit. I think the whole shooting match is $3800 for the kit and software and that’s all inclusive. You can buy the kit from and I after I use up my 3 free stents I am going to try both Blue Sky with the in2guide kit as well as try Anatomage with it. The kit comes with handles, punches, stabilization pins, even counter sinks for dense bone. Here is the kit:

Ok so here is the case. Great patient #30 failed endo grafted with Fusion, dense bone!:

Worked up in the in2guide software. The engineers say they will corect this ASAP, but one really sucky thing in another case I'm working on is you can't see multiple implants on the same screen! You can in the pano view, but not in the "3D bitweing" view.

Pre-op ridge healed nicely:

Guide on Model, note the pre-cut windows to confirm seating:

Stent in mouth:

I know this is a limitation of all systems, but getting the 21mm (drill for 10 and 11.5s) back there requires a major amount of opening. Final radiograph,4.7mm Legacy 3, another sucky thing is that the widest drill is 4.2ø so you would have to switch to non guided with a 5.2ø or 6ø legacy 3:

She had super thick tissue, so I placed a long healing abutment:

The case went very smooth, even with learning the kit and taking picks we were done in 45 minutes. Will post two more and try out the other systems. Anyone interested in a "For Dummies" on the guided systems out there?

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