In2Guide Case Reports : 4Unit Mesial Cantilever Bridge Case

Patient : Female in her 50s.

Pre-surgery Condition

Severe caries occurred by shifted dental prosthesis due to patient’s dental phobia.

After extraction of the existing dental prosthesis and the rest of the root, a temporary crown to be made.

Planning :

3 Submerge Type Implants were planned. Planning was conducted using a Stone Model and Vacuum Form for registration, instead of a Radiographic Guide.

Surgery :

Upon extraction of #14, In2guide Surgical template, fabricated via the Stone Model Scan Technique, was placed in the oral cavity and drilled using the In2guide Surgical Kit.

Surgery Results :

As shown in the panoramic image below, Although slight discrepancies occurred from the initial CT planning, overall the 3 implants were successfully placed at the desired location as planned.

  12 13 14
Angle Diff. (Degree) 1.31 2.78 2.42
Coronal Diff. (mm) 0.79 0.78 0.96
Apical Diff. (mm) 1.04 1.24 1.32