Virtual Camera

OnDemand3D™ is capable of providing a virtual 3D camera and endoscopy view from DICOM data.

Virtual Endoscopy

A combination of CPR or Curved Planar Reformat features and virtual view technology make a virtual endoscopy possible. Simply draw a path with the CPR tool and OnDemand3D™ will create the Endo view for you to examine the airway.

Virtual endoscopy of Airway
[Virtual endoscopy of Airway]

[Movie Clip of Virtual Endoscopy created by OnDemand3D™]

Virtual Camera

Virtual camera is a useful tool to efficiently navigate through 3D images. Place the virtual camera in the position that you want and start your navigation. You will be able to adjust your camera position and the angle at any time.

Navigate through alveolar nerve using virtual camera tool
[Navigate through alveolar nerve using virtual camera tool.]