OnDemand3D™ makes reporting easier and simpler for clinicians by offering various templates for every use. Design your own report template with the X-Report Template Designer and simply drag-and-drop captured images. Reports can be saved both in the database and onto the computer in HTML, PPT or PDF format.


Design your own report template with XReport Template Designer. Once you create your report template, all you need to do is write your report and drag-n-drop images from OnDemand3D™. It is a simple and intuitive way to write your report while saving time.

You can save your report in XReport format as well as HTML and PPT. (PPT format requires Microsoft PowerPoint.)

Designing Report Template from XReport Template Designer
[Designing Report Template from XReport Template Designer]

Real Size Printing

For many cases, you need to print your image in real size. OnDemand3D XReport supports Real Size printing. Just turn on the "Image Real Size" option from XReport. Images in XReport will be scaled and printed in real size.