OnDemand3D Server

OnDemand3D Server handles the storage and streaming of DICOM data to the OnDemand3D Client. With JPEG2000 image format, OnDemand3D Server provides a way to store your data efficiently and streams it at incredible speed. It can store your data in the original format or in JPEG2000 format, which can compress data up to 1/20th its original size. This increases storage efficiency and greatly reduced data loading time.

Access is not limited to OnDemand3d Clients. You can access OnDemand3D Server through other DICOM viewers with PACS communication capabilities. Compressed DICOM data will be automatically uncompressed when the data is retrieved by a DICOM viewer other than an OnDemand3D Client.

OnDemand3D Server is a great storage solution for imaging centers and dental clinics with Cone Beam CT machines. It allows you to manage and store your DICOM data in a centralized server and eliminates the duplication of data on multiple workstations. Get OnDemand3d Server now to start working on patient data from home, at work, or anywhere else in the world with Internet connection.