What is In2Guide?

What is In2Guide™

In2Guide utilizes OnDemand3D's powerful 3D engine to create a 3D volume from DICOM data for an intuitive way to plan your surgery. Find everything you need for implant surgery from an accurate simulation of the patient’s data to marking the nerve and placing implant fixtures. You can then turn your virtual planning data into a real custom made surgical template with depth and angle control by ordering directly from In2Guide. High quality surgical templates are shipped and received within days of ordering.

Why In2Guide™?

  • For Doctors For Doctors

    - Aesthetically driven implant planning
    - Fully integrated surgical template solution
    - Accurate, safe and predictable surgery
    - Auto-depth control for easy drilling
    - Supports both radiographic guide and stone model based workflows

  • For Patients For Patients

    - Proven to be accurate and safe
    - Custom made for a perfect fit
    - Smaller incisions with less pain
    - Shorter operation time
    - Shorter recovery
    - Immediate loading options

  • PredictabilityPredictability

    Planning is done prior to surgery, minimizing unexpected situations.

  • Shorter Operation TimeShorter Operation Time

    Pre-planning leads to surgery time being significantly reduced, meaning less chair time and more patients.

  • Any indicationAny indication

    In2Guide works for both partially and fully edentulous patients, supports immediate loading as well as full-flap and flapless surgery.

  • Accuracy and PrecisionAccuracy and Precision

    The accuracy of guided surgery allows the doctor to execute the surgery with higher precision for better results.

  • Increased satisfactionIncreased satisfaction

    In2Guide™ allows for an aesthetically driven planning followed by precision guided surgery and provides increased satisfaction to both patients and doctors.

  • Convenient online orderConvenient online order

    Order In2Guide™ Surgical Templates with a click of a button. Orders are submitted, tracked and managed online. Templates are fabricated and delivered within days.