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New Release Announcement: is available now!

Thursday, January 12, 2017 2:26:11 AM

New Release Announcement: is available now!

We are pleased to announce the release of our new OnDemand3D software version! We have added some exciting new features that will help you to take your diagnosis, treatment planning or research to the next level.

Here are some of the major features that we have added.

  • GPU support has been extended and now includes AMD as well as NVIDIA. The following cards are recommended for each brand:

-       NVIDIA (GeForce GTX750Ti or higher recommended)

-       AMD (Radeon RX460 or higher recommended)

  • When entering text for Folder/ File/ Database/ Volume/ Preset names, an Exception Message will pop up notifying the user of invalid content.
  • Daily Automatic backup of Database Index file (& Automatic DB Compact).

-       5 daily backups and 3 monthly backups are retained.

-       Note: Database Index files are used for troubleshooting and support only

  • Thumbnails added to CD/ DVD/ USB Writer
  • Patient Name used by default for Volume Name during CD/ DVD Recording.
  • Implant Deviation Analysis features added (including Global, Lateral, Depth Deviation Analysis capabilities).

-       Used to calculate the deviation between two implant placements.

  • Select Color for 3D Model List has had tissue color added to the selection.
  • Model (Align) default colors have been changed for 3D STL models to Soft Tissue color and Bone White.
  • Capture function added to CDviewer/ Project Viewer.

-       After selecting the capturing options and clicking on the desired area to capture, the user is prompted to choose the location to save the capture (as bmp, jpg, tiff, png).

  • Server Configuration’s backup settings improvement – allowing the use of Network folders. (Network Username is “Guest” by default with no password – not recommended due to lack of security).

Please contact us at for more information about the new features and to get a free trial or to update your software to the newest version.

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