Software update

New Release Announcement: Version is available for download!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015 10:12:24 PM

We are pleased to announce the release of our new OnDemand3D software version!

We have added some exciting new features that will help you to take your diagnosis, treatment planning or research to the next level.

OnDemand3D Version is now available for download. 

Here are some of the major features that we have added:

  •  GPU option for higher resolution 3D volume rendering.
  •  3D rendering shading and unshading options.
  •  Support of multi-frame DICOM data.
  •  Conversion capabilities of multi-frame to split-frame data and vice versa.
  •  Support of Flexera or serial licensing.
  •  Surface mesh or optical scan (a.k.a STL) data can be imported to Dental/DVR module and aligned  with DICOM. 
  • Added project sharing capabilities to be used for interoperating between Dental, DVR and In2Guide project files allowing user to open any project files created with Dental, DVR and In2Guide as long as user has any one of  these modules.
  • [Auto Arch/Curve] option is added to Arch/Curve tool to eliminate manual drawing of dental arch and available in Dental, DVR and In2Guide modules.
  • Data series can now be opened directly from PACS.
  • Surface mesh (STL, PLY, PCM) data can now be imported or attached onto a patient study.
  • Added [Surface Mesh Viewer] for viewing surface mesh (STLY, PLY, PCM) data.
  • [Private Database] or archiving function for storing files on external drive for later use is now available under Data Source and can be enabled/disabled in the OnDemand3D Environment Settings window.

Please contact us at to get a free trial or to update your software to the newest version. 

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