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Dental CT Software Company Ventures into Digital Implants.

Monday, April 15, 2019 1:23:13 AM

Dental clinics have been investing in CT machines, intra-oral scanners and other devices in order to digitalize the diagnosis and treatment processes. 

Cybermed, Inc. is a company who seeks to fulfill the demands of the modern market through research and development of the latest digital dentistry

technologies. This company produces some of most widely used dental software in the world. 
Recently, Cybermed, Inc. has been focusing its R&D efforts on digital implants.

Not only does the company provide a platform for a more accurate diagnosis using CT and intra-oral data and the production of Surgical Guides,

it now also provides services that manufacture prosthesis on the same date as ordered.

We met up with Cybermed, Inc.’s CEO, Chris Young Kim, and conducted an interview.   
Q. What is your objective for running this company?  

In 1998,   various disciplines such as orthopedics, radiology, plastic surgery and dentistry from different universities gathered in the Engineering division of     

Seoul National University and created the CARS research group.

The target of the people involved was to become entrepreneurs. It has already been 20 years since we first strived to become the best in digital medical technologies.



Q. What is the technology that separates Cybermed, Inc. apart from the others in the industry? 

We have CT imaging diagnosis software, 3D printers and other solutions each with their own unique technologies.

The majority of CT manufacturers around the world have our software installed on their equipment.

We also have digital implant centers built in over 10 countries.

Recently, we have been putting our efforts into AI technology that could help dentists with diagnosis and the most optimal implant and surgical kit

for digital surgery.



Q. What is your view of the future prospects? 

In 2016, our new headquarters was built in the Daejeon’s R&D complex, which contains our R&D and production facilities for software and digital implants.  

We will receive the clinical approval for our implants this year and we will be continuously carrying out clinical research in collaboration with other clinical


With our foreign and domestic clients and business partners, we hope to be the most outstanding digital implant company at the soonest possible.  

All our employees will continue to work in unison with existing clients and partners located both domestically and overseas with a mission to become the best digital implant company. 
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