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Cybermed, Inc. holds its first seminar in China, Shanghai, shares digital guide clinical cases

Monday, April 15, 2019 1:22:25 AM

Cybermed Inc. (CEO – Chris Young Kim) held its first seminar, “Cybermed Digital Guide & Implant” in China, Shanghai on the 7th.

Dr. Park Dong-shin, Dr. Lee Kang-hee and Dr. Shin Tae-woon appeared as guest lecturers and a hands-on session was also carried out.  
An associate of Cybermed said, “This is Cybermed’s first overseas seminar. The overwhelming response from local dentists is reflected by the large number of participants.”. 
Lectures were carried out in the morning and a hands-on session in the afternoon. For the first lecture, Dr. Park Dong-shin shared with participants numerous clinical cases where implant insertion were challenging, but made possible with use of Surgical Guides.  
Dr. Lee Kang-hee shared with participants the various methods of using Surgical Guides in the treatment of implants.

For the hands-on session in the afternoon, Dr. Shin Dong-woon conducted the class using the “In2Guide” system.

Exercises using the OnDemand3D software prompted great feedback from the participants. Dr. Lee Kang-hee then continued the hands-on session using real digital guide cases.  

For the last part of this seminar, a video lecture about the multiple uses of 3D printers was carried out.

Participants were able to better understand digital implants and how the various digital processes could be integrated with dentistry equipments,

and also satisfied their curiosities about digital dentistry.



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