A proven core implant systems
For Digital implant solution


A proven core implant systems
For Digital implant solution


01Platform Switching

  • Increases soft tissue volume around connection
  • Superior esthetics

02SLA Surface

  • Application of SLA surface with excellent
    bone reaction performance
  • The best morphology and roughness's SLA Surface.

03Internal Taper Connection

  • Rigid connection for prostheiss stability
  • Stress dispersal effect

04Compact Thread

  • Superior primary stability
  • Maximizes bone to thread contact

05Open Thread

  • Minimizes resistance during placement
  • Prevents bone loss

06Sharp Double Thread

  • Powerful self-threading effect to achieve superior placement results
  • Maximizes preservation of existing bone and space for new bone to grow

07Cutting Edge

  • 3-blade cutting edge ensures a self-centering insertion
  • Excellent initial thread engagement for optimal anchorage
    • Smooth Implant Placement.
      High Primary Stability

      • Self Threading Effect
      • Sharp Thread maximizes preservation of the existing bone and secures anchorage
      • Double Thread minimizes implant placement time
    • Plasma Surface Treatment, Clean Implant!

      • Increases hydrophilicity and accelerates synostosis by attracting blood and protein to the area
      • Accelerates patient recovery time, as Plasma doesn't have any known side effects to human immune system.
      • Suppresses bacterias in oral cavity, therefore lengthening implant's lifespan
    • AI Inspection

      • Highly reliable automated self learning QA inspection

Smart Factory of Cybermed

Adding AI Instpection and Robot Packing System to the Implants

Implant Manufacturing process

  • 01 Material Inspection (Grade Inspection)
  • 02 CNC Fabrication (Measurements)
  • 03 Cleaning
  • 04 Implant Surface Treatment
  • 05 Final Cleaning
  • 06 QA (AI)
  • 07 Second Inspection (SEM, Conductivity, Illuminance)
  • 08 Plasma Cleaning
  • 09 Ampoule Assemply and Automated Packing
  • 10 Gamma Sterilization
  • 11 Shipment Inspection
  • 12 CORE1 Fixture

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